Application of the Exlime

Exlime removes rust, scale, traces of cement mortar, iron oxide contaminants, urinary stone, other mineral deposits and oxides, as well as atmospheric, greasy, operational dirt and soap deposits.

Exlime advantages

Exlime advantages

  • Safe to use — does not harm the skin, emits significantly less harmful fumes compared to traditional means based on acids. Not heating to working conditions and personal protective equipment
  • Does not harm organic materials. Use on various surfaces inaccessible for classical acid means is possible
  • Does not cause metal corrosion in case of complete removal of the agent from the surface after application
  • Disposed of through the sewer

Our unique formulation has a performance of 80% in comparison to HCI, however does not cary any of the harmful properties associated with acid. Will not burn or cause irritation by vapor.


Process / Solutions Dilution
Calcium Deposit 1:8
Boron Deposit 1:36
Scale Removal 1:16
Boiler Cleanup 1:8 — 1:32
Oil Cake 1:8
Lime Deposit 1:8

Industry use


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