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We help our customers to reduce business operating costs by providing effective and safe cleaning solutions

For 40 years, IPAX has been producing innovative and safe cleaning products for a vast range of applications globally.

IPAX products are being used by Schlumberger, General Motors Corporation, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Honda, US Steel, Delphi Chassis Systems, Whirlpool.

Company History

The company was founded in 1979 in Detroit, USA

The company was founded in 1979 in Detroit, USA

We have been offering innovative solutions for cleaning, degreasing and surface preparation for more than 30 years.

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler

After the outbreak of the energy crisis in 1979, a population outflow occurs from Detroit, the largest corporations close their factories and transfer them to cheaper sites in the Asia-Pacific region. The big three automakers: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler remain in the once largest industrial city of America and the world. They become the key IPAX clients and remain so to this day. For 1983, IPAX is a key supplier of technical fluids for the automotive industry in America. Each car leaving the FORD factory conveyor is filled with an IPAX washer.

New markets in the USA

New markets in the USA

We are opening new markets in the United States - we are starting to work in the steel industry. The largest players in the steel industry, US Steel and Alcoa, appear among the regular customers of IPAX.

The company begins to produce new products, adhering to the basic principle - safety for nature and man. Our product Unikleen receives a prestigious certificate of compliance with environmental standards Green Seal.

BP, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz

BP, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz

By 2005, IPAX customers are the largest corporations in various industries. We optimized the cleaning processes, helped to save the budget and increase production safety at such enterprises as Whirpool, Coca-Cola, Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet.

New markets worldwide

New markets worldwide

IPAX products have received many certificates proving the environmental friendliness and safety of detergent compositions. There are new products that can solve the most difficult tasks of our customers. The company begins to conquer new markets and creates an impressive dealer network in Canada, South America, and middle east countries.

Midway,  Magna, Martinrea, and others

Midway, Magna, Martinrea, and others

Over 10 years, IPAX manages to achieve great results in various fields of industry. Due to the unique properties of products, environmental friendliness and efficiency, we are trusted by companies such as Midway Products, Magna International, Martinrea International, BAE Industries, Chemico and others. We have created more than 20 new products for the Russian and American markets, opened new areas of application in the agricultural and agricultural sectors.

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Our driving key factors: performance, cost and safety

Our achievements

In our contemporary economy, more and more companies are launching innovative and cost efficient solutions. People and organizations are now taking advantage and winning on this new business model. The past notion was that these industries are non-changeable. However, whether it’s personal transportation apps or cheap 3D printing equipment, the future of this industry has begun to emerge!

Today, we understand that the current trends in the chemical industry are constantly changing.

We have designed our complex formulas synergistically, to achieve maximum performance. Our specific combination of materials allow our formulas to maintain integrity and performance while simultaneously reducing water weight. Most importantly, after our complex manufacturing process, our products are stable in a super concentrated form. This allows for simple onsite water dilution and cost reduction for our distributors.

Our super concentrated chemical formula allows for 2-4 times more savings versus our bottom line competitors. Now, our distributors can offer the lowest price without sacrificing superior performance and environmentally preferred products for their regions!

  • Chemical Manufacturer: GS-8, GS-34, GS-37 and GS-41 Green Seal™ Certificates
  • Pioneers of aqueous parts washing technology ans service for the auto industry
  • Winner of Presidential Green Chemistry Award

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Our distributor program offers technical intelligence through simple training, onsite support and demonstrations. This program motivates your sales force to be effective and successful at providing the correct solution to your customers the first time.

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