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Most companies in the oil and gas industry are already optimizing the cleaning processes at their facilities and are receiving economic benefits. Contact IPAX today and we will tell, show and implement our experience for your savings.

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What benefits can be obtained by optimizing the cleaning processes in the oil and gas industry


Reduction of the technological cycle, repair downtime and interoperability intervals. Simplification of the technological process, reduction of the influence of external conditions (temperature, ventilation, etc.) and the human factor.


Reducing the cost of the purchase of chemicals up to 80%. Reduction of additional overhead costs for water, steam, electricity, discharge, utilization, adjustment of solutions and other auxiliary work operations up to 50-60%. Reducing the range of chemicals procurement and simplifying the management of warehouse residues, thanks to the universality of products.

Reduction of defective parts

Reduction of defective parts and equipment due to poor cleaning by 15-30%. IPAX solutions will provide significant productivity improvement in the long run.


Improved cleaning quality with significant performance improvements.


Environmentally friendly and safe cleaning process for nature and man.

Product’s Applications

  • Oil tank cleaning;
  • Purification of oil pipelines from residues and asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits;
  • Oil spill response;
  • Improving the efficiency of mobile steam units;
  • Cleaning of tubing pipes, ESP parts, other units and assemblies;
  • Washing and steaming of oil and gas tanks and tankers;
  • Washing of overalls, including fabrics with fireproof impregnation;
  • Improving the oil displacing properties of water;
  • Cleaning compressors of gas turbine units;
  • External flushing of gas air coolers;
  • Internal flushing of gas air coolers;
  • Flushing all types of reverse osmosis systems;
  • Cleaning parts, assemblies and assemblies in all types of machine parts and manual method;
  • Cleaning parts, equipment and assemblies by using washers and manual methods;
  • Removal of rust and mineral deposits;
  • Cleaning of commercial and industrial spaces

How we do cleaning optimization



Ongoing cleaning processes in the enterprise



of IPAX cleaning and degreasing agents for the production situation



of a preliminary project and potential benefits of its implementation


Pilot testing

to confirm the effectiveness



of benefits for the enterprise


Full implementation

of processes, employee training and technical mapping


Measuring the benefits

of an optimization project



Ongoing cleaning processes in the enterprise

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