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Ipax Cleanogel, Inc. manufactures a full line of parts cleaners and degreasers:
  • Appropriate for any parts cleaning task
  • Approved for use by all major automobile manufacturers.
Green Unikleen, our leading product, is the only product in the category to have been awarded Green Seal Certification GS-34 (for degreasing). Green Unikleen, which is odorless, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-alkali, and neutral pH, has been successfully used to replace hazardous solvents in parts cleaning. But we know that using the world’s safest and finest parts cleaner is only the start of a safe and effective parts cleaning operation. Therefore, Ipax has created an 8-step, Total System Approach for parts cleaning  


  1. Analyze Your Needs
  • Visit your facility
  • Analyze your parts washing needs
  • Review your current processes
  • Recommend the best process for safety, effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.
  1. Equipment Recommendation
We will recommend the best equipment to meet your needs”
  • Parts CleaningGeneral purpose parts cleaning may be accomplished using one or more of several methods: heated dip tanks, power washers, spray washers, etc.
  • Special Cleaning Tasks – Special tasks sometimes require specialized equipment and solutions. For example, we combined Ipax Emulsor with ultra-sonic washers to clean glue guns used in a 2-part epoxy cementing process.  We have used IPAX QX-3 for cleaning cutting tools.
  1. Equipment Procurement
Our analysis of your needs will include an equipment recommendation
  • Your current equipment may be adequate for the task.
  • If not, Ipax will recommend the appropriate equipment, and arrange for purchase or lease at competitive prices.
  1. Fluid Supply and Replenishment
  • Our analysis will recommend a schedule for fluid replenishment.
  • Ipax will have its own cart servicing parts washers throughout your facility. This system allows for fast service and a smoother replenishment operation.
  • As we begin working with your parts cleaners, we will monitor the fluid and equipment and adjust the frequency of replenishment as needed.
  1. Parts Washer Service
Our trained technician will test equipment each time fluid is replenished.
  • Perform normal maintenance
  • Troubleshoot any problems
  1. Training
  • IPAX will train your own employees to perform normal parts cleaner maintenance.
  • This will allow them to keep parts washing units at peak performance, and will save you in lost time or special service calls.
  1. Emergency Service
  • Even the best equipment, well maintained, will occasionally break down.
  • IPAX will have a technician at your facility as quickly as possible to correct any malfunction and to keep your operation up and running.
  1. Waste Removal
After servicing your parts washers, IPAX will assist in waste removal.
  • Take it to your water treatment facility
  • Or, help you arrange to have it hauled away from your facility.


The IPAX Total Parts Washing System
  • Provides the best parts washing solution you can buy.
  • Provides top quality maintenance for your parts cleaning equipment.
  • Keeps your parts cleaning operation, and your plant, working smoothly and safely.
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