Application of Emulsor Active Foam

Emulsor Active Foam removes industrial and food oils, greases, water-soluble and oily coolants, preservative coatings, light and dark oil products, asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits, traces of glue and tires, atmospheric and operational pollution.

Emulsor Active Foam is used in all types of foam generators, foam sets, high pressure washers and manual method. It is used for cleaning ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, rubber, plastic, glass, ceramics and painted waterproof surfaces.

Emulsor Active Foam advantages


  • High cleansing ability. The product works well in various conditions (during mechanical processing, by immersion, in cold or hot water)
  • Economical intake, it is applied in a small concentration. Usually, working solutions for most operations do not exceed 2%
  • It works well in hard and cold water. The composition of the product includes additives for softening water, which allows the composition to show high results even with extremely hard water
  • High dispersing ability, prevents reprecipitation of contaminants on the surface to be cleaned
  • Does not cause metal corrosion. The composition creates an unstable coating on washed surfaces, which provides protection against corrosion
  • Multifunctional, reduces the range and volume of warehouse stocks. The degreaser is able to replace a large range of alkaline products
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-combustible. The product does not contain toxic components, volatile organic compounds, completely fire and explosion proof
  • Easy to rinse off


Process / Solutions Dilution
Parts Washing 1:16 — 1:32
Press Cleaning 1:16 — 1:32
Floor Scrubbing 1:3 — 1:64
Die Cleaning 1:16 — 1:32

Industry use

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