Green Unikleen 100 is great solution for many processes

Unikleen 100 – universal water-soluble cleaner and degreaser, consisting of an optimized mixture of mutually reinforcing surfactants and active additives, the complex of which ensures the safety and long life of the solution. The cleaner is a demulsifier and it works on the principle of competition with pollution for the right to be on the surface. Protects rinsed surfaces from corrosion, including high carbon steel and cast iron.

Unikleen 100 advantages

Unikleen 100 advantages

  • Safe product — does not contain free alkali, volatile organic compounds and other corrosive and dangerous components and is a neutral product;
  • Protects the rinsed surfaces from corrosion, including high carbon steel and cast iron;
  • The service life of the working solution is 4-5 times longer compared to traditional detergents, as it does not create a stable emulsion with contaminants that are separated onto the surface of the solution;
  • Does not pickle metals, does not emit harmful vapors, does not leave deposits and does not impair the adhesion with a paint and varnish coating;
  • Universal, suitable for cleaning and degreasing any surfaces by any method. Due to its technical properties, Unikleen 100 can advantageously replace the huge range of traditional products;
  • Works in cold and hot water, as well as in the vapor state;
  • Disposed of through the sewer;
  • Does not harm the paintwork in working solutions of any concentration and at any exposure time;



Super concentrated products are used with any proportioner. Simply adjust for the greater dilutions listed below.

Process / Solutions Dilution
Power Washing 1:32
Parts Washing 1:8
Press Cleaning 1:8
Floor Scrubbing 1:16
Die Cleaning 1:8
Vessel Degreasing 1:8
General Floor Cleaning 1:8

Industry use

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