IPAX solutions for removing the mineral deposits and oxides

To build advantage in competition the companies have to optimize all the processes including cleaning ones. Given the current situation, only the companies bringing efficiency enhancement into focus will survive and succeed.

Decalcification is found at various enterprises, including food enterprises, energy industry enterprises, mechanical engineering plants, where various water and heat exchange equipment are used. The main criteria for the selection of cleaning agent are efficiency, ease of use, and safety for the equipment and personnel. Use of conventional acids allows to achieve the required level of cleanliness, however increases risks of equipment deterioration, requires appropriate personnel training and availability of personal protective equipment. IPAX products of Exlime series are manufactured on the basis of organic salts capable to react with organic materials, and thus minimizing risk of material deterioration and lowering oxidizing ability. At the same time, the products are compatible with conventional acid cleaners in terms of effect.

Principle of process organization

The heat exchanging equipment is cleaned using circulating systems (SIP washers). The process solution circulates in the system and carries over the contamination into the solution. It is also possible to clean by rubbing and immersion method.

Advantages provided by our solutions

— Cost saving up to 30%
— Enhanced cleaning quality
— Enhanced safety of the personnel
— Lower risks of equipment deterioration
— Simplification of the process
— Improving the environmental friendliness of the cleaning process
— Simplification of the process solution disposal

What is important for a cleaning process effectiveness?

How to optimize process?

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