Krystal Clear advantages

In a new initiative, we have created the Super Concentrated version of Krystal Clear. This water based product is now available for qualified distributors. Our formulation allows for extensive cost savings, flexibility, performance and process based dilutions for your customers.

Unikleen 100 advantages

  • Cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome, vinyl or leather.
  • Does not contain Ammonia, Alcohols or Vinegar.
  • Concentrated product — diluted with water.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • Neutralize the static buildup.


Adjust for the greater dilutions listed below.

Process / Solutions Dilution
Glass and Mirror Cleaning 1:300
Stainless Steel and Chrome Cleaning 1:300
SChrome Cleaning 1:300
Leather / Vinyl Cleaning 1:300

Industry use

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