Green 4 Oven — oven kitchen and grill cleaner

It is especially effective for complete removal of tough, baked on soils prevalent in heat processing equipment.  It also is well suited to be used with inline soak tanks for easy removal of fats, hard salts, grease and other hard to remove stains that are common to the food processing industry.

Simply by soaking Green 4 Oven, it will remove build-up from dirt and burned on grease.  It will clean down to the metal in minutes with out etching. Some of its other great benefits are.

  • Removes deposits and grease from kitchen equipment without scrubbing and scraping.
  • Controlled low foam.
  • Effective at low temperatures 120′ to 140′ .
  • Safe on non-ferrous metal at recommended concentration.
  • Economical
  • Free to low rinsing.
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