Reducing the costs of process solution production and disposal

IPAX products are used in the process solution, which cost significantly lower than the cost of ready-to-use solvents. Due to the demulsifying effect, the hydrocarbon contaminants float to the surface of the solution and then they are separated from the solution. As the result, the process solution is self-purified and serves up to 5 times longer than conventional analogues, thus frequency of its disposal is reduced which brings additional savings.

Principle of process organization

The process of cleaning can be organized either as manual operation or using various washing equipment, such as a foam generator or high pressure washer. Particular IPAX solution is selected depending on the equipment type and its state. IPAX process engineers will analyze your conditions and select optimal product and the most suitable mode of its application.

Solutions advantages

— Cost saving up to 80%
— Enhanced safety of the personnel
— Simplification of the process
— Improving the environmental friendliness of the cleaning process
— Simplified procurement and reduced loose balances

What is important for a cleaning process effectiveness?

How to optimize process?

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