Ease of disposal

The demulsifying effect allows separation of larger volumes of hydrocarbon contaminants from solution, the separated contaminations are disposed separately. Waste process solution is from 10 to 20 times cleaner than conventional solutions, and this allows draining the process solution diluted with water into sewage line in most cases.

Principle of process organization

After the mechanical treatment the part is transferred to the related area for cleaning and degreasing. IPAX solution is selected based on the used washer type, metal grade, and process fluid or lubricant used for mechanical treatment. IPAX process engineers also select cleaning technique (time, working solution temperature, conveyor speed, and other parameters).

Solutions advantages

— Cost saving up to 80%
— Enhanced cleaning quality
— Enhanced safety of the personnel
— Lower temperatures of the process solution
— Absence of taint and corrosion after washing
— Simplification of the process
— Improving the environmental friendliness of the cleaning process
— Reduced frequency of the process solution disposal

What is important for a cleaning process effectiveness?

How to optimize process?

Where used



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