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To build advantage in competition the companies have to optimize all the processes including cleaning ones. Given the current situation, only the companies bringing efficiency enhancement into focus will survive and succeed.

The workwear washing is found in most industrial enterprises, carried out on their own or by contracted specialized service companies. In most cases, persistent lubricant contamination is usual for workwear, which is usually cleaned using professional alkaline formulations. Application of household washing powders is usually ineffective. Although the alkaline formulations effectively remove the contamination, they harm the material of workwear thinning it with every wash cycle. The use of alkaline formulations is unacceptable for fabrics with fire-resistant impregnation, which is often found in workwear for oil and metallurgical enterprises. IPAX has developed a formulation containing no free alkali, acids and solvents. It works on the principle of competition for the right to occupy the surface. At the same time, its washing performance is compatible to caustic alkaline formulations. Products of Unikleen series are certified for compliance with Green Seal ecological standards.

Principle of process organization

The product is used in household and industrial washing machines, as well as when washing manually at a concentration of 20-30 ml per 1 kg in accordance with the equipment operational instruction.

Advantages provided by our solutions

— Cost saving up to 40%
— Enhanced cleaning quality
— Lower risk of fabric deterioration
— Extended service life of the workwear
— Improving the environmental friendliness of the cleaning process

What is important for a cleaning process effectiveness?

How to optimize process?

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