The manual method of cleaning with IPAX products, can benefit any type of flooring

To build advantage in competition the companies have to optimize all the processes including cleaning ones. Given the current situation, only the companies bringing efficiency enhancement into focus will survive and succeed.

Manual floor cleaning is a common process for industrial facilities, office premises, and hotel real estate. The appearance, financial costs of cleaning processes, and labor expenditures, as well as the condition of floor coverings depend on the efficiency of washing formulations and cleaning technologies. Use of household detergents for cleaning of large areas is widespread. Household chemicals, although notable for their ease of use, do not ensure an appropriate quality of cleaning, and using them is also quite expensive, since the household products, as a rule, are not concentrated and used in its ready-to-use form. Many professional manufacturers of chemicals use excessive caustic alkali and acids in their formulations, which brings the risk of surface damage to customers. IPAX has developed a multipurpose solution for cleaning and disinfection of any type of flooring. Concentrated IPAX products are used as water solutions and contain no caustic alkali, acids, and solvents. They are safe for any types of flooring, respiratory tract, and skin. Products of Unikleen series are certified for compliance with Green Seal ecological standards.

Principle of process organization

Manual cleaning the floors is divided into maintenance and overall cleaning. For maintenance cleaning, a two-bucket system is used, when the process solution is diluted in one bucket, it is applied to a mop or cloth from this bucket, the floor is cleaned, then the mop or cloth is rinsed in a second bucket of water. For overall cleaning the higher concentrations of the process solution shall be used. The two-bucket system is also used, however the process solution is applied on the surface, left on it for some time and spread by brushes. Then the solution is collected with the mop or cloth, which rinsed in the clean water bucket.

Advantages provided by our solutions

— Cost saving up to 40%
— Enhanced cleaning quality
— Lower risks of equipment deterioration
— Simplified procurement and storage
— Environmental friendliness and safety for the human health

What is important for a cleaning process effectiveness?

How to optimize process?

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