One of the key objectives in Supply Chain Management is to reduce complexity.  Reduced complexity generally leads to more efficient buying and lower costs.


Product consolidation is one way to reduce complexity.  Simply put, this means replacing a number of products with a single product that can accomplish the same tasks.


Benefits of Product Consolidation

  • Man-hours.  Saving time through fewer interfaces with vendors.  By dealing with fewer vendors, you will spend less time.
  • Less paperwork.  By dealing with fewer vendors, there will be fewer purchase orders and fewer payments to make each month.
  • Less inventory to manage.
  • Cost savings can be achieved by buying in larger quantities from a single vendor rather than buying in lower quantities from a number of vendors.


Implementing Product Consolidation in Chemical Management

  • Analyze Tasks – The first step in product consolidation is to examine all of the tasks that require chemicals.
  • Itemize Products Being Used – List products that are used to accomplish each of the tasks.
  • Develop Candidates for Consolidation – Products that are only being purchased to accomplish a single task are excellent candidates for replacement by products that have multiple uses.
  • Test – Test the effectiveness of multi-purpose products in accomplishing the tasks of single-purpose products.
  • Elimination of Products – If a multi-purpose product perform the specified task as well as a single-use product at approximately the same price, the single use product should be eliminated.


Green Unikleen – Multi-Use Cleaner/Degreaser that can Replace Many Products


Green Unikleen is a concentrated, multi-purpose, environmentally safe cleaner and degreaser that can accomplish cleaning and degreasing tasks on any washable surface.  Green Unikleen dilutes with water to match the product to the task.


Green Unikleen can be used with a variety of cleaning equipment:  Pressure washers, pump sprayers, steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, carpet shampooers, spray bottles, mop, sponge, and bucket.


Green Unikleen can replace all of these products:


  • All purpose cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Parts cleaner
  • Tile cleaner
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Food Service Equipment cleaner
  • Wood cleaner
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Multi-surface cleaner


Green Unikleen can be purchased in totes, and with a variable metering system, diluted to accomplish a wide range of tasks.




(Green Unikleen:Water)

Heavy Cleaning Auto Parts Cleaning 1:4 – 1:8
  Smoke 1:4 – 1:8
  Soot 1:4 – 1:8
  Heavy Grease 1:4 – 1:8
  Barbecue Grills 1:4 – 1:8

General Cleaning


Countertops (greasy)



  Painted Surfaces 1:16
  Floors 1:16
  Office Equipment 1:16
  Carpet Cleaning (by hand) 1:16
  Wood Paneling 1:16
  Upholstery 1:16
  Tile 1:16

Cleaning with Equipment: Pressure washers, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners.

Floor Scrubbing 1:42:1:64
Concrete 1:42-1:64
Car Wash 1:42-1:64
Carpet Shampooing 1:42-1:64
Pressure Washers (Vinyl and aluminum siding, etc.) 1:42-1:64
Light Cleaning Windows 1:64-1:128
  Countertops (normal) 1:64-1:128
  Stainless Steel 1:64-1:128
  Chrome 1:64-1:128
  Plexiglass 1:64-1:128




Recommended Next Steps


  1. Analyze cleaning and degreasing tasks at the site or plant.
  2. Itemize the products being used to accomplish these tasks.
  3. Test the ability of Green Unikleen to accomplish these tasks, using the dilution ratios provided above.
  4. Develop a list of items to be eliminated.
  5. Contact your IPAX representative for technical assistance with any questions you may have.


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