PRODUCT CONSOLIDATION WITH GREEN UNIKLEEN One of the key objectives in Supply Chain Management is to reduce complexity.  Reduced complexity generally leads to more efficient buying and lower [...]

COVID-19 update

IPAX COVID-19 UPDATE To our valued IPAX Atlantic-Michigan, LLC customers and team, As businesses throughout the nation and world face the challenges and severe impacts of COVID–19, IPAX has taken [...]

Sand Drawing Video

Removal of mineral deposits

Decalcification is found at various enterprises, including food enterprises, energy industry enterprises, mechanical engineering plants

Laundry of workwear

The workwear washing is found in most industrial enterprises, carried out on their own or by contracted specialized service companies.

Automated floor cleaning

Automated floor cleaning is a common practice for industrial facilities, office premises, and hotel real estate.

Manual floor cleaning

Manual floor cleaning is a common process for industrial facilities, office premises, and hotel real estate.

External cleaning the specialty vehicles

The specialty vehicles arrive to a dedicated area or the washing complex. Various technologies are used depending on the cleaning method.

Flushing the cutting coolant supply systems

The formulation is added into cutting coolant supply system from 6 to 12 hours before draining and refilling.

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