Mop Strip

Extremely durable floor finish striper

IPAX Mop Strip is a heavy-duty super concentrated, rinse-free floor finish stripper for problem floors. It can quickly penetrate multiple layers [...]


Extremely durable floor finish

Finish-in is an extremely durable, high quality acrylic floor polish that is especially designed for moderate to heavy traffic areas. It is designed to [...]


Multi surface neutral cleaner and polish

UniSource is an ultra versatile product that cleans, shines, deodorizes and disinfects with the power of pine oil. After application, a micro [...]


Universal cleaner and degreaser

Unikleen is an environmentally friendly water-soluble cleaner and degreaser, consisting of an optimized mixture of mutually reinforcing surfactants and [...]

Krystal Clear

Glass mirror stainless steel cleaner

Krystal Clear is an environmentally preferable high performance non streaking cleaner. Our formulation does not contain Ammonia, Alcohols or Vinegar [...]

Graffiti Remover QX4

Non-toxic liquid formula

QX-4 is an alkaline product for removing persistent graffiti and shadows from various surfaces, including those treated with anti-graffiti coating. Made from [...]

Emulsor Active Foam

High-foamy solvent and emulsifier

The Emulsor Active Foam product removes industrial and edible oils, fats, protein [...]


Universal solvent and emulsifier

Emulsor removes industrial and edible oils, greases, water-soluble and oil coolant, [...]